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LUGA is a frequently used word in Chotanagpur’s KOL tribal language, now Jharkhand State in INDIA. LUGA originally meant merely something to cover a bare human body. It could be a single bicolour fabric or a dress made of fabric, usually cotton. LUGA is referred to as wearable clothing in modern times. Luga Designers referred to artist and artisans.

Empowering vulnerable background communities

Luga Designers is a group of artisans from rural areas of India. As a group founded in 2000, Luga Designers is on a mission to support and empower the community, who for decades inherited the textile artwork and handicrafts from their ancestors.

The Luga Designers family explore art and fashion as an extension of spirit, and ensure it shines bright. Luga produce exclusive traditionally designed handicrafts, ethnic traditional and western-designed garments to empower vulnerable backward communities through fair trade employment. Into the space of creative manufacturing, Luga Designers and Manufacturers create enduring livelihoods. Luga, a formally established and officially registered firm in India, tackles the underlying causes of poverty holistically by organising an ownership-based creative manufacturing ecosystem for the underprivileged population. Luga’s complete strategy assists communities in evaluating their traditional skill base, organising them into production units, designing appealing products for modern markets, and developing consistent demand.

LUGA artist's lab for expansion

Luga Designers, located in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, breathing under the extensive spectrum of bright skies, surrounded by green forests, proudly emerging from the earth, as an artist’s lab for expansion.
Creativity, design, fashion, Indian & Tribal culture, social responsibility and spirituality get woven seamlessly together.
We honour the lives of farmers, spinners, weavers, printers, tailors, designers, artists and many more who have invisibly woven their souls into what we wear, consciously, at every stage of crafting our products.